Exhibitions Curated

Cheyney Thompson – Selected Works
Winogrand: 1964*
Body of Water -- New Work by Chris Ballantyne
Halston Fits America: Fashion Innovation from the Collection of Lipscomb University
Outsiders -- Photographs and Videos by Anthony Goicolea
Hell on Wheels: Paintings, Drawings and Sculptures by Joseph Peragine
Video Spirit: Mysteries, Myths, Meditation and the Moving Image
The Wrong Question Asker: New Work by Wayne White
The Sight of Music: From the Collection of Reba and Dave Williams*
Zew Lives: Graffiti Art by Will Van Zandt
Neither Here nor There: Video Artists Navigate Cultural Displacement
Bats, Dogs, Trophies and More: Dieter Roth Prints, Drawings and Books
The Rabbit Goes Down the Hole: New Sculpture by Lucky DeBellevue
I Am Dreaming of a City: A Multimedia Installation by Greg Pond
Currents: African-American Video Art Today
Eugène Atget: Homage to Paris (from permanent collection)
About Color: New Work by Mimi Moncier
Project Alabama: Stitch, Silence, Shine
Altered Spaces: Video Art and the Physical World
The Shape of Tennessee – Color Photographs by Mike Smith
New Paintings by Radcliffe Bailey
A Brief History of Romantika – New Work by Blake Boyd
Animation Impulse: Video Art and the Generated Image
Drawings and Paintings by Kojo Griffin
Reciprocal – An Installation by Terry Glispin
Photography’s Multiple Roles: Art, Document, Science*
Referencing Art – Photographs by Jerry Uelsmann
Chicago! Chicago! Video Art from the Windy City
Permanent Ink: Contemporary Prints from Cheekwood’s Collections
Sugar Boy and Other Delights: Prints, Drawings, Animation by Mark Hosford
The Stillness of Skin: New Paintings by Hamlett Dobbins
New Glory – Flags by John Salvest
Body Electric: Video Art and the Human Body
The Bow: Photographs by Roe Ethridge
Some Void Reflections, sculpture by Seth Kelly
Loosening of Associations – An Installation by Patrick DeGuira
Black Confederacy, Textile-based Work by Larry Owens
This is How Time Passes – Selected Works by Donna Tauscher
Generation II: An Installation by Kay Hwang
American Impressionists Abroad and At Home: Paintings from the Collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art*
New Heaven (New Earth) – Installation by Terry Adkins
Latitudes: New Media Art from the Southeast
Sketchbooks and Paintings by Brady Haston
Paintings and Drawings by RocÍo RodrÍguez
Handmade Books by Sean Dudley
Six Signals: Videos by Contemporary Artists
All in Due Time – Recent Works by Brian Bishop
Landscapes by Sally Mann
Untitled – New Works by Alicia Henry
plein air – an installation by Clara Williams
quietude – a video installation by Robin Bernat
New Work from New York: Selections from PS1’s Greater New York
Beck and Al Hansen: Playing with Matches*
Collage Poems by Wendy Kramer
Paintings by Dale Kennington
Brad Thomas – A Misinformed Clown Hands Crayons to the Hungry Children
Sculpture and Works on Paper by Andrew Saftel
New Paintings and Works on Paper by Elliott Puckette
Concept Metro: Installation Art by Nashville Artists
Pilgrims – The Photographs of Marty Stuart
Movements – Conceptual Art by Adrienne Outlaw
Meeting -- Installation by Douglas Bohr
Reinstallation of Museum of Art permanent collection (co-curated)
Selections from Galesburg by Chris Verene
Blue – Signs and Symbols New Works by Carol Mode
PRINTKABINET – An Installation by Terri Jones
Selected Works by Donald Sultan
Drawn to Narrative – Rythm Mastr Drawings by Kerry James Marshall
(Jan. – Oct: Cheekwood Museum of Art Closed for renovation)
The Photographs of Alexis Kisteneff
Installation 7: Conceptual Art from the Robert J. Shiffler Foundation
The Photographs of William Eggleston
Hymn to Beauty II (permanent collection)
The Photographs of Dorothea Lange from the Hallmark collection*
The Photographs of Eugène Atget (permanent collection)
Life Lines: American Master Drawings*
Drawings by Bobby Williford
Bound Books by Mary Sue Kern
A Memorial Exhibition, Drawings by Barbara Bullock
Mississippi Blues Photographs by Bill Steber
Recent Paintings by Robert Ryman
New Constructions by Carrie McGee
Drawings and Paintings by Charles Brindley
Rusting Earth – Photographs by William Craig Brabson
dwelling: cultivation – an installation by Coleman Coker
 Regarding Dada: Random Pointing of the Paper Knife
Between Art and Journalism: The Photographs of W. Eugene Smith
Hymn to Beauty (permanent collection)

*Traveling Exhibition